1st Weekend with the “BIG CHOP”

So as you all know I did the BC last Thursday, 6.14.12. How exhilirating, liberated, nerve wrecking, anxious thing I have ever done…..but I couldn’t undo what was done…SO I RAN WITH IT!!!!

So here comes the weekend. I usually hang out with my best friend on Sundays @ the park for SoftBall Sunday’s with my Dominicano’s. So this was going to be the test to see if my swag was there to pull this “BC” off!

So I did my makeup threw on the earrings and held my head high!!!  I rolled up to the park with my music pumping and hopped out of the car and yes my swag was still on an poppin!!!!  Not for nothing I got more positive feedback with the “BC” everyone said they see my face features more now.  So I smiled even harder!!!!

So it’s almost a week.  I am feeling more and more confident with the “BC” as the days go by it will be a week on Thursday and my hair is already growing back.  Pretty soon I will be able to do a mini twist out…I cannot wait!!!

Well stay tuned for more updates on how the BC is going!  I will soon post how I maintain and keep my “BC” nice and moist!!!

BTW the pic I posted is me and one of the managers of San Pedro Softball Team @ Bambu (Newark, NJ) after Softball Sunday!Image


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