2 Weeks & Still Goin’ Natrual

Hey All

So I am celebrating my 2nd week of the “BC”!!!! Woohooo!!!!!

I must say thank you to http://www.hairscapades.com and http://www.curlynikki.com.  The lovely ladies that post their stories and tips have really gotten me through these past two weeks.

I am more confident, curly, shiny and beautifully natural!!!!

As the days keep going by I am learning what works for me on a daily basis…..Definitely loving “As I Am Coconut Co-Wash” I use it every 2 days.  I am still using the Carol’s Daughter Leave-In Conditioner..I use this every day and every night before I put the satin bonnet on.  I also oil my scalp with Doo Grow oil almost finished with it can’t wait to try some shea butter and sweet almond oil mixture I made..on my scalp.  I have thin hair in my crown so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I have started to do a mixture of Miss Jessie’s curly pudding and eco style olive oil gel.  I must say I love the results. Last but not least I started to use As I Am smoothing gel on my edges just to give my hair some kind of definition and style so it just doesn’t look like an unshaped TWA and I am so loving it.

So the weekend is upon us and I am going to the lake.  I have to figure out what I can put in my hair so that when it gets wet product is not dripping down my face and neck…..#blankstare…..trial and error!!!

Have a great weekend my Bold Beautiful and Natural Divas!!!!! Stay tuned for after lake pictures and the golden glow!!!!

xoxoxo NatrualHairLyfe2012


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