The Big Chop 6.14.2012

Since my mid-20’s I started having issues with my hair….I would get it to grow and then it would always start breaking in the middle like I was a man and it was time for me to start balding….WTH!!! I would run to the salon and chop it all off!

I was good for doing that, that was always the solution to the problem.  I would start all over again….That would work out and I was always back in business. Then the balding would return.  This went on for years.

I started thinking maybe I should just cut it all off including the permed hair to and go natural.  I preached to my daughter all the time Natural is better but, here I was steady slapping perms, color, half wigs, weaves you name it I did it!!! Such a hot mess!!! So finally she called my bluff and told me why don’t you go natural…..#blankstare

I pushed it off for as long as I could.  I even tried to transition but that made it even worse my hair was breaking every which way.  I would comb it and it would break right out….I thought I was going to lose my religion.

So I started going for treatments and that was helping but, then the summer was upon us and I had straight ends and thick roots.  That was not cute on top of that my greys are coming in like “ants to spilled juice @ a picnic” can’t stop them….

Now my significant other was all for me going natural.  His main concern is don’t put no weave in your hair…..Do what you have to do to grow yours out.  So I kept going for my treatments and tried to remain positive but enough was enough!!!

That’s when I decided chop it all off!!!!!!!

I called my beautician and she did what she had to do.  At first I was really nervous because I knew it would be short but, when she spent me around in the chair to see it in the mirror I almost fell off the chair.

Now don’t get me wrong like I said earlier I have had short hair my whole adult life but, never natural and short so this was a new thing for me.  No style no nothing just a TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro)…..#didijustdothis

Hey I got out of the chair paid her and walked out with my head held high and a smile on my face!! #thatsswag

So all the way home I just kept thinking what is my honey going to say….#petrified

Low and behold he was like do you!!!!! #ilovemesomehim

Couldn’t wait for the next day to face the world with my TWA!!!!

Stay tuned!

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